SWAJA - Living in Dignity

We, the team of Jayanthi Sreejeevika Foundation, a non-profit organization are driven with the motto of ‘Bringing Happiness in Living.’ Children are our future and they have right not just to live but to live their lives to their fullest potential. At JAYANTHI SREEJEEVIKA FOUNDATION, we strive to do whatever it takes to ensure their rights & happiness.

Though many of the schools around the globe are getting the best of infrastructure and facilities, a large number of government schools still struggle for their basic right in getting access to Clean Water and Sanitation, both in urban & rural areas.

Swaja is our comprehensive program which aims to provide equal opportunities in getting access to standard sanitation. This is an initiative of complementing the vision of various governments like that of India towards a clean Nation & the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030 – Clean Water & Sanitation.

As a part of our program, we have surveyed government schools in various least developed countries in Asia including India and found that these schools struggle in providing:

Clean Toilets
Potable Water
Menstrual Hygiene for girls

We initiate to execute our program in the schools by working on Partnerships models with organizations which are like-minded & also leverage their responsibility towards the society by responsibly supporting for the cause and propose that these schools will be adopted in terms of building Hygiene, Sanitation & Primary Health, not leaving the maintenance behind. The awareness programs on inculcating hygienic habits in the rural communities will be regularly executed to ensure the impact in the progressive direction.

Integrated Health Care Clinics

Integrated Medicine - A patient centric approach for cure

The healthcare industry is at a very important juncture. Many Nations across the globe with the support of the World Health Organization have taken steps to implement a Universal Health Care System across the entire country but there is an increasing demand for the healthcare at all levels - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Preventive healthcare being the foundation to the healthcare system has been neglected in most of the least developing and developing nations around the world.

To cater to the healthcare at all levels, a comprehensive medical system should be adopted where-in the eclectics of all the medical systems are incorporated into one integrated method for treatment. There-by leaving no one behind at all the levels of the healthcare system.

Our healthcare system is treating illness after the patient’s recurrent acute symptoms force him/her to the emergency room. It is the responsibility of every individual to clearly project his/her illness and make sure the doctor understands the goal of staying healthy and preventing disease which is the highest priority.

We propose to initiate the Setting up of the HEALTH CLINICS IN THE VILLAGES OF RURAL Areas, beginning within India.

For taking care of the Healthcare systems in rural India, there is a need for SETTING UP HEALTH CLINICS IN EACH AND EVERY VILLAGE, associated with a basic Lab and Diagnostic facilities complimenting what the government does for the benefit of the people.

Though the Health Clinics will provide Primary and Secondary level healthcare to the individuals in the village it will be set-up, our focus will also be on the Preventive Healthcare system.


For millions of women in India, though the struggle begins with basic awareness around 87% women and girls in India are completely unaware about menstruation and do not have any knowledge about its purpose as a biological process. The lack of access to menstrual health products makes these women extremely susceptible to diseases and infection.



Secondary Health Care includes acute care, necessary treatment, consultation or diagnosis for a specific medical condition.

The areas of work in the Secondary Health Care are:


The proposed Health Clinics create a holistic global health care system with active partnerships from local service partners.

All the Health Clinics will have standardized medical equipment, and will setup under the CCTV surveillance, for constantly monitoring the quality and service. A fully equipped ambulance will be available 24/7 for an easy access in case of emergencies.

The Health Clinics will have dedicated doctors of which there will be:

The Health Clinic will also consist of a well-trained nursing staff, a lab technician, a dispensary manager and the operation of the Health Clinic and the staff will be based on the demographics of that location.

Awareness programs will be designed and conducted in the specified locations as a part of preventive health care through the active participation of the community, to raise awareness on educating the people about the importance of consuming clean water, creating clean surroundings and taking care of sanitation to maintain health and hygiene.

Medical Camps will be conducted regularly in the schools of that location which will create an accessible environment to the under-privileged children and their families, taking the Preventive, Primary and Secondary Healthcare to their doorsteps. Ultimately we aim at creating an easy access of better health services for all individuals.

In a span of three years from the implementation of the Health Clinics, we aim to bring about a healthy change in the lifestyle of the people in rural India.

Beginning our journey with togetherness, let us aim towards a Clean, Safe and Healthy environment in rural India.